This page is dedicated to Cassie and Boomer, my two Samoyeds who are now at Rainbow Bridge.  Two better buddies I could not have asked for...
You think dogs will not be in heaven?  I tell you, they will be there long before any of us!

-Robert Louis Stevenson
This cartoon appeared in one of the editions of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul.  Big blithering baby that I am, I copied it, colored it, and it's now in a frame on the wall right by this mean machine.
ABOVE - Cassie Jane at eight weeks old.  Sammy puppies are just like live plush teddy bears, and they have the personalities to match.  She was a little stinker, too, and the first one out of the whelping box to get out and go exploring! She developed a "smart aleck" bark at an early age, always insisting on getting the last woof in.
Cassie Jane hated the vacuum cleaner from an early age also...sounds like a woman after my own heart! :-)
Boomer came on the scene when Cassie was a year old...
She wasn't too thrilled having competition, even if he was her nephew.  Though they finally ended up being best buddies, she made the first few months of Boomer's life at our house miserable by using him as a roly poly or a chew toy.  His favorite place to "get away" was under the kitchen chairs.  The funny thing about that was, puppies grow fast, and the day he couldn't fit under the chairs anymore, the look of confusion on his face was priceless!  "What happened? Did these chairs shrink??"
Bath time took an entire day by the time they got washed, dried and combed out.  Both of these silly dogs would cry like babies when they got their fur dried with a friend's super duper doggie dryer.

What price beauty??
Cassie Jane all gussied up.  If she could talk (and I always thought she could!), she would have said, "Okay, you've washed me, dried me, combed me out, cut my darn toenails, trimmed the hair off my rear WHERE IS MY PIG EAR?"
It is a Samoyed fact that when they get spayed or neutered, all of a sudden they sprout even more fur than they already had!  Here is poor, mistreated Boomer after a lengthy combing out session. As you can plainly see by the look on his muzzle, he is NOT impressed!

Cassie loved her boat rides, but would try to EAT the life jacket.
MMMM! Good coffee, Mrs. Olsen!
These stupid hats suck, but we'll wear 'em if we get a piece of birthday cake!
Every self-respecting dog always wants to know why their people insist on giving them human characteristics, including dressing them up in silly Halloween costumes!  Our poor, abused animals participated in a "dog-o-ween" contest against their will several years ago.  We thought Booms should have won, of course, since his name was RAMBONE, and his ammo belt came equipped with dog biscuit bullets.  He even had a crushed pack of smokes and a picture of his lady friend in the band on his steel pot.
Cassie, right, and Boomer after an all day beauty session. This picture appeared in an Animal Protective League Calendar.
One of my all-time favorites--"C'mon, Bethy, let's play!" 
Another of my favorites.  When you told them "Look!," they both had this odd habit of cocking their heads.  I just happened to catch them both at the same time here.
Pretty boy Booms was famous for his "Samoyed Song," which I wish now that I had recorded for posterity
They were always ready to clown around and play.  Cassie Jane had her own version of "fetch," where she'd just toss the ball back to you instead of bringing it, all the while with a twinkle in those intelligent brown eyes.  Booms loved "hide and seek," and missed his calling as a rescue dog. He was so happy when he found you, he'd lick you to death and jump for doggie joy. 
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Cassie the little furball with a polka-dotted tummy
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Samantha P. Kittyface, a tribute to my brother's cat
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