Remodel Job From Hell - Page 2
We decided to take pictures right from the start.  When people look at our photo album, they ask "And you two are still SPEAKING to one another!?"

This picture shows that whoever built this place made doubly sure that the plaster board would NOT fall off the damn walls!  They nailed it maybe every two inches or so.

The old studs were so tough that the screw heads would break off when we tried to put new sheet rock up.

When our project was done, there may have been ten original studs in the house.
We filled up the dumpster with the old chimney in a little bit of no time.  The only part we left was what was in the crawl space.
Beth, the mostly willing (?) apprentice screwing sheet rock in a new bedroom closet.  (Get a load of those ridiculous glasses!  They must have been stylish in 1985?)
A job is never complete until the doors and windows arrive!  The order for our doors and windows got swallowed up in a black hole somewhere, and, since it was October already and getting a little chilly at night. . .we were boarding the place up every evening and calling the window and door manufacturer every day!
When we first started on this nightmare, we'd vacuum up everyday.  By the time we were done, we'd just shove piles off to the side and make sure our thongs were beside the bed at night!  We slept on a hide-a-bed that we could move to wherever there was enough room to spread it out!
This is the beginnings of a new kitchen.  (And, yes, you can see that our doors and windows finally did come out of their black hole.)  It's worthwhile to mention here that when you live in a mess like this, you get fast food most of the time. It's that or do dishes in the bath tub.  We had no kitchen sink (it was sitting out in the driveway),  the stove was in the garage, and the fridge was parked in the future master bedroom, loaded with Bud Light.  We did have a microwave and electric frying pan, but most of the time we were too tired to make use of them.
We woke up one morning to find THIS growing up through the register boot opening in the bedroom.

We are assuming that the locust tree is the weed of the tree family!