Blue Collar Gal

Welcome to Blue Collar Gal's page. You'll find an assortment of odds and ends here, and I've added a few more pages of remodeling pictures, some of our landscaping efforts over the years, and Bethola's nature trail. (See other Blue Collar Gal links below.)

I have been a sheet metal worker for 30 years and got to retire at the end of 2009, and my husband and cohort in crime is Bob who's an electrician.   He has taught me everything you never wanted to know about remodeling dumpy old houses among countless other things.

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The Wonderful World of Sidy Boy
This Samoyed graphic and others are kindly provided  at the link below
Quitting smoking or thinking about it?  CLICK HERE for a wonderful and supportive website!
Please click on the smiley face to visit my new  internet friend Sally's web site for her dear departed pet.
Click on the photo on the left to visit Bob and Beth's remodeling project during which, not only did they survive, but still remained speaking to one another (after only ONE major argument!)

I had the privilege of working on the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois in 2003 and 2004.  Over 150 pictures used to be at The Sheet Metal, but the web master had to delete the photo gallery due to security measures.

Click on the museum picture on the left to see some of those pictures.
This web page would not be complete without pictures and stories about the animals that inspire me.

Two of these animals are pictured to the right:  upside down  Boomer and Cassie Jane who allowed me to be a pack member for over twelve years.  They are now watching over me from the Rainbow Bridge, and if I'm a "good dog," then perhaps some day I'll be able to join them.
CLICK HERE to view the memorial I wrote for Cassie when I first got my computer
The current fur bearing mammals with whom we share a kennel are Jake the Pound Hound (left) and Teddy Ruxpin the Samoyed.

CLICK HERE to see their most recent pictures, and pictures of their new buddies Gator and Bailey Jo.

Click on their picture above to visit their doggie album of older pictures. 
If you click on Fido here, you'll go to Bethola's Dog Tales, including "Jake's Story" and "A Day in the Life of a Shelter Volunteer."
Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a published writer, and the dream stayed with me into adulthood. Since everyone always said to write about what you know, I decided to do a story about what it's like being a woman apprentice. 
This all started back before computers and the internet, and I spent endless hours hacking away on an IBM Selectric.  (Remember carbon paper, Ko-rec-type, and how you had to change font ball on the machine?  I'm giving away my age here!)

Modern technology came to the rescue, because it used to be you had to send the entire manuscript to a publisher via snail mail and then wait countless months for a reply, usually in the form of a rejection letter.  I have enough of those to wall paper an entire room!

When I got my computer in 2000, I "googled" internet publishers and was greeted by a literal cast of thousands.  After emailing several hundred publishers, SynergEbooks decided that they would publish my novel.

Please click on the book cover above if you are interested in reading a portion of the book or if you would like to purchase a copy to help support a starving writer.  The book is also available at and several other internet sites.

For anyone who doesn't want to use a credit card on line, the book may be purchased directly from the publisher listed below for $18.99 which includes postage and handling.

SynergEbooks, Inc.
948 New Highway 7
Columbia, TN 38401
Phone: 1-931-223-5990

September 11 Links
As you know, almost 3,000 people were taken from us on that horrific day in 2001.  What you might not know is that 59 of them were construction workers. 
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers lost 30 of those people.  Anyone interested in making a donation to the families of these victims may send it to: IBEW Disaster Fund NYC, Inc.; c/o Local 3 - IBEW; 158-11 Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Avenue, 4th Floor; Flushing, NY 11365.
IBEW Local 3 Member Ralph Licciardi's Memorial Site
IBEW Local 3 Member James Cartier's Memorial Site
CNN's Memorial Site for September 11 Victims
Cantor Fitzgerald Memorial Site for their employees
Mercy - where you can obtain a bracelet to wear in remembrance of a September 11 victim
September 11 List of Victims
My stepson Blake's tour of duty in Iraq is here
Viet Nam Virtual Wall
Click here to donate a phone card to a soldier
Click here to find out how to send a package to a soldier
Landscaping for Dummies
More Blue Collar Gal Pages
Blue collar stories, humorous and otherwise are here
What does a sheet metal worker do?  A lot of pictures and information are here
Construction site humor is here.  Donate a story of your own!
Blue Collar Patriotism
A sheet metal word find for kids is here. Please note that this prints out better than it looks on the screen.
By clicking on the cat, you'll visit a tribute to my brother Mike's cat, Samantha
Twisted stuff that makes me laugh!
Beth and Bob's remodel job from hell
Salsa Bethola - what to do with all those tomatoes!
In Memory of My First Love
September 11 Digital Archive -submit your story/pictures
Windows of Hope - help for families of food and beverage industry workers who were lost
To read excerpts of Books 2 and 3, please click here.
If you click on their picture above, you'll go to their photo album.
CLICK HERE and go to the Canine Gallery where you can share pictures of your own pet.
Our feathered friends will take you to Bethola's nature trail.

Landscaping for Dummies: Container Gardens, Decks, and more
Books For Soldiers Website
Book #2, Cobwebs in the Broiler: Adventures of a Very Wicked Stepmother, is now available in paperback and e-book form.
For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE  

I have also tried my hand at some environmentally friendly children's books.  please CLICK HERE to see the first one!
Click here for my favorite picture of Cassie Jane :-)
Click on the crappie for newly added fish pix.
Snow and Ice Storm of Nov. 30, 2006
Iraq war casualties
Donate to the Disabled Veterans
Marley and Me - an excellent read for dog lovers!
CLICK HERE to visit Springfield, Illinois' no-kill animal shelter - a community of dog people!
Gold Star Families - support the families who have lost a loved one in Iraq
Americans who tell the truth!
If you are an animal/pet person, please check out Beth's latest novel Notes From Rainbow Bridge
Teddy went to the Bridge March 10, 2010. Click here to go to her memorial page.
Jake went to find Teddy 12/24/12