In Memory of Frank Mettler

May 12, 1956 - July 16, 2004
Frank and I met in high school. He was my first love.  We managed to muck things up pretty good over the years, and I will be eternally sorry for always wanting to tell him him how I feel but then never doing it.  The hardest way to learn a lesson is when it's too late.
I never got to tell you
About when I ran away,
And now each day that I'm on earth,
For this, my crime, I'll pay.
I will do it willingly,
But only just for you.
In hopes that on the other side,
We'll get to start anew.

I'll see you in my flowers,
And in the stars at night.
And when the wind blows through my hair,
I'll know that you're all right.
My soul weeps for us everyday,
In all the shades of blue.
For everything we should have had,
And for all that we once knew.
Sorry for the lousy lyrics, Frank, but I haven't hacked around in the poetry department since you.  Now that you are where you are, you know about my dilemmas over the years, and I am able to find a small bit of comfort in that.  I can only hope that you understand and can forgive me.

When I get there from here, I will find you.